Why Content Marketing?

Why Content Marketing?

You have probably heard of influencers introducing themselves as “Content Creator”. You know it is something cool but you still do not really understand what it is all about and you are too shy to ask. Well, this post is for you. Content creation is often related to marketing thus calling it content marketing. It is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content. This attracts and acquires a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.



Perhaps more important than understanding what content marketing is, understanding why content marketing is more important to your business . First we need to understand the four steps of the buying cycle:

  1. Awareness. Prior to awareness a customer may have a need, but they are not aware there is a solution.
  2. Research. Once a customer is aware there is a solution, they will perform research to educate themselves. For example, a laptop buyer will try to find out what different types of laptops exist, and which one will fit their needs.
  3. Consideration. At this point, customer starts comparing different products from different vendors to make sure they’re getting a high quality product at a fair price.
  4. Buy. Finally, the customer makes their decision and moves forward with the transaction.

Traditional marketing is better when it comes to the second two steps. Content marketing is better at the first two stages by raising awareness of solutions and educating consumers about a product they never considered before. With content marketing, potential clients find the content and the value in it. Nevertheless, usually by the time they contact the company, they already want the product or service. Companies do not have to engage in high cost and pressure sales tactics, it’s merely a matter of working out details and getting started. Through content marketing, companies can build trust even before the sales cycle starts. If content marketing is executed correctly, the return on investment can be phenomenal.

Content marketing also supports other digital marketing channels. It provides additional content for social media marketing and contributes to search engine optimization (SEO) efforts by building up good content on the website that gets easily found in search engines.

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