Technology brings us closer to everyone, everything, everywhere. Agree? Yes? No? Through the years, we have seen consumers finding a deeper connection with brands through video content.

Brands, agencies and studios often make videos today and the most successful marketing videos today are the representative of the people making and watching them: reachable and familiar. The videos are intended to engage with the audience.

Successful videos are usually successful because there is strategy behind them and they have a purpose. There is a call to action or something alike that is leaving viewers with feelings. Feelings such as: “I want this product, as it can help to ease my tasks”, or, “I feel connected with this product/service”.

Videos creation is not just about tallying the “likes” but what consumer yearns for online. Consumers want to see a story and feel a connection. They want to know why they should care. However, there needs to be interactions in the videos. As contents are being built, take on interactive storytelling and simplify complex information with tailored made videos.

3 Main Types of Marketing Videos To Make

  • Product Demonstrations

This type of video usually shows how the product works, proves that the product works.

  • Infographic Videos

This displays some cool facts and figures about a product or service. Information is disseminated in a fun and                creative way.

  • Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are like adverts, created to attract new and existing customers, highlight the products                     and explain the services.


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