Augmented Reality Marketing – Gain users with the awesomeness of AR!

Augmented Reality Marketing – Gain users with the awesomeness of AR!

Augmented Reality Marketing , the future is here!

Augmented Reality Marketing is becoming a huge success of recent times for various big brands! But what exactly does it mean?

AR technology allows the overlay of current reality (our real world) with a separate reality (a customized 2D/3D content) through a computer screen or mobile phones! Confused? Check out this example on how AR has been gaining popularity very recently due to the success of Pokemon Go! There, users are able to engage with ininteractive & interesting content which greatly improves the engagement experience.

Check out how Augmented Reality was able to push Pokemon to the next level!

augmented reality marketing

 (Image retrieved from funstuffnthings YouTube Channel)

How is AR being used for brand marketing campaigns?

Augmented Reality Marketing is being employed by several brands to reinforce their awareness, increase sales, improve client expertise and much more! It has simply evolved to be more than a gimmick as it was 4-5 years ago. There are many ways to utilize augmented reality as a medium for an increased experience for users and therefore permit them to remain as loyal brand followers.

These days, we are able to create content in AR which enable various content to be played through a mobile phone! These include

  • Mobile AR Games – experience AR through interactive mobile applications!
  • AR videos – Showcase your corporate or product launch video, anytime & anywhere!
  • Product Display – Generate 3D objects to showcase your products in real time for your users!
  • AR with Social Media – Link your users to all of your social media pages in real time using AR!

Checkout below how Tinka Co. is able to utilize AR to generate 3D models of historical sites and promote them to the tourism industry through interactive postcards!

augmented reality marketing for products

(Image retrieved from


All in all, Augmented Reality is a very powerful tool where if used right, fantastic interactive content can be generated for your brand which could entice your customers, or even better, convert them!

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