How people around the world are using AR for their marketing campaigns!

Lately, many companies have been using augmented reality marketing for many beneficial reasons.

Among them are :

  • to raise awareness of users
  • to increase sales
  • and to engage with client experience with the brand!

Capturing attention is one of the most important things to grab hold of especially if you are looking to promote or market a new product. One of the most effective ways of getting attention from your users is through visuals that will leave an impact. This is one of the sole reasons many companies are adopting Augmented Reality technology into their product and marketing campaigns to create a  magical and memorable experience.

1) Automotive Industry – BMW Z4 Augmented Reality Campaign


“With our state-of-the-art 3D technology you can get behind the wheel of your own virtual BMW Z4 and drive it around your desk. Create your own Expression of Joy, then save it and share it with your friends.”


Here we are able to see how BMW is able to utilize Augmented Reality into their vehicle campaigns. This campaign shows how BMW uses it’s Z4 model as a giant paintbrush. Through downloading the software, you can view a miniature  Z4 on your screen and use it to drive around through keyboard commands to produce fascinating artwork.

2) F&B Industry – Boboiboy X Choki Choki Trading Card game


“Unleash the power of Boboiboy with your Choki Choki sticks today!”


The latest craze in Indonesia comes from the Boboiboy Trading card battle series! Check out as characters come to life from Boboiboy as they battle evil villains! This interactive game enables young children (or adults, we don’t judge!) to immerse themselves into the world of their favourite fighting characters and aid them in saving the world !

3) Mobile Apps – Snapchat Augmented Reality “World Lenses” Feature!


“This augmented-reality effect animates the world around you. Snapchat’s update also includes support for their Spectacles glasses.”


Now even major app corporations like Snapchat are hopping into the augmented field! With constant updates featuring new stickers for individual product branding, lots of users are enjoying this new feature of “being one” with those objects. Pretty cool!

4) Entertainment Industry – Star Trek : Experience the enterprise


“Starfleet congratulates you on taking the first bold step on an incredible journey. Cadet orientation will begin with a holographic tour around the latest proud addition to Starfleet – the most advanced starship ever created – the USS Enterprise”


Star Trek cleverly used the advantages of Augmented Reality to showcase their technology and designs to give their fans a glimpse of the USS Enterprise! Brands can therefore use Augmented Reality to show case structures of anything they want.

5) Tourism Industry – Tinka Augmented Reality Postcards


“With Augmented Reality being implemented in tourism, tourists can now view historical structures in 3D anywhere and share them with their loved ones as souvenirs!”


Using Augmented Reality to show the features of locations like UNESCO world heritage sites like Melaka is one of the few capabilities of Augmented Reality. Being able to show objects or monuments to your loved ones when you head back home from that awesome journey is certainly interesting as you can share the views you had during your journey!

All in all,

These ideas are just the tip of what augmented reality can really do for your marketing needs.

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